Amazon Banned Phenibut! You Can Still Buy It From These Vendors

Phenibut promotes calmness and relaxation

If you search for phenibut on Amazon, you will get many results of various nootropic supplements, but none of them is actually phenibut. Well, don’t bother! Amazon no longer allows the sale of phenibut and a whole bunch of other nootropic drugs, particularly piracetam and its analogues.

Yes, Amazon is a great place to source many herbal and natural supplements, but phenibut is just the opposite of that! It is a synthetic chemical that is treated as a drug in some countries, and so it is not considered a dietary supplement according to FDA regulations.

Phenibut is not an approved supplement or medication in the US and worldwide, except in a few countries where it is an approved treatment (Russia, Ukraine and Latvia). It is also not a scheduled or regulated substance, which means that consumers can legally purchase it over the counter.

Although Amazon decided not to deal with such drug/supplement products, there are still many other reliable places online that sell phenibut.

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Where to Buy Phenibut?

The following are six of the best legit vendors of phenibut. You will also find various other nootropics that are banned on Amazon available at the following stores.

Vendor Capsule Price Powder Price
Nootropics Depot $14.99 (60 x 250mg) $17.99 (25g)
Note: This is the go-to vendor where you can find any nootropic supplement. They excel in customer service and quality control.
A1Supplements $19.95 (90 x 500mg) $24.95 (100g)
Note: A reputable, long-established retailer of many sports and nutritional supplements. They sell two brands of phenibut by SNS and SWFT Stims. Based in the USA and ships worldwide.
Double Wood Supplements $19.95 (90 x 250mg) [No powder]
Note: A small retailer located in the USA and only ships to the USA. They sell many quality products and they’ve recently added phenibut to their inventory.
Hard Rhino $9.99 (90 x 250mg) $24.99 (125g)
Note: This is a bulk supplement supplier that has various categories of products. They also have a good collection of CBD capsules and tinctures.
Health Naturals $17.99 (100 x 250mg) [No powder]
Note: A good vendor where you can find several capped nootropics at affordable prices. They only ship to the USA and Canada.
SuperSmart $39.00 (60 x 500mg) [No powder]
Note: One of the leading online supplement stores in Europe. They ship globally, but unless you live in the UK or EU, you should stick with US vendors as they are cheaper.

Where to Buy Brand Phenibut (Noofen)?

Noofen 250mg capsules (brand phenibut)

Phenibut is sold as a prescription medicine in some parts of the world, particularly Russian and other former Soviet Union countries. It is sold under different brand and generic names in 250mg tablets or capsules.

Noofen (or Noophen) is the most widely used and original brand of phenibut. It is manufactured by the Latvian pharmaceutical company OlainFarm. You can view a translated package insert/leaflet of noofen on one of the company’s websites here.

Noofen is quite pricey though. A 20-pill pack costs about $35 to $40.

There are other cheaper generic brands manufactured by Russian pharmaceutical companies, such as Anvifen by AnviLab, and Phenibut/Fenibut by Ozon.

Noofen is not carried by US nootropics vendors, but it can be sourced from some legit Russian vendors. Two of the best places where you can buy noofen and other pharmaceutical-grade phenibut are RUPharma and CosmicNootropic.

How Does Phenibut Work?

Phenibut is a synthetic derivative and analogue of GABA, which functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. The compound is called phenibut as it has two components, a phenyl ring (pheni-) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), thus the addition of the suffix “-but”.

GABA-based drugs are known to have a calming effect on the brain. They are mainly used to relieve anxiety and promote sedation, relaxation and better sleep. However, GABA on its own is not able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and thus have limited use. Addition of phenyl ring helps it to cross the blood-brain barrier, and so phenibut is more effective than GABA supplements.

It is essential to understand that not all drugs that act on GABA receptors are similar because GABA receptors are divided into numerous sub-groups. Phenibut acts primarily on GABA-B receptors. It has a weak action on GABA-A receptors.

Phenibut was also found to stimulate dopamine receptors as well as other receptors in the brain. That explains how it may be beneficial for a number of different conditions. Although its primary use is as an anxiolytic and nootropic, it may also help treat sleep disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress, and other conditions.

As a nootropic or cognitive enhancer, phenibut may improve memory and brain function, although it lacks solid clinical evidence that it is beneficial for cognitive functions beyond its anti-anxiety effect.

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