3 Reasons to Avoid Buying Supplements on Amazon

Why you should avoid shopping for supplements on amazon

Amazon is the first destination for many online shoppers looking to buy pretty much anything, including health and wellness products. They have every dietary supplement under the sun and you get to choose from many different brands, specifications, prices, etc.

There are some advantages of shopping on Amazon, but that’s not our topic. Instead, I’d like to discuss some of the main reasons why I think you should not buy dietary supplements from Amazon. These may also generally apply to other stuff people buy on Amazon, but I’ll keep this post focused around supplements.

1. Fake Reviews

One of the biggest disadvantages of Amazon is that you never really know if those rave, five-star reviews were submitted by real customers or they are completely fake!

I have seen some crappy supplements that have lots of negative reviews elsewhere, yet somehow they are among the top-rated items in their category on Amazon!

While fake reviews can be found on many other websites, nothing compares to the large-scale and systematic manipulation of Amazon’s review and rating system that many sellers there engage in. Being the most popular selling platform on the Internet also makes it a top target for con artists.

There are individuals and businesses dedicated to selling fake Amazon reviews and votes. Even “Verified” reviews can be bought in bulk.

It is never a safe practice to evaluate supplements merely based on user reviews, which can be largely influenced by varying subjective experiences, bias, and phony reviews. The latter being an especially big issue with Amazon.

2. Anything Goes

Amazon sells almost everything and anything! They don’t do much to verify the authenticity of the manufacturers, supplements, labels, descriptions, etc. Their job is just to sell and fulfill.

What does Amazon know about health and nutrition? Someone could be making sugar pills in their basement and selling them as cancer cure! There is no expert scrutiny to determine which supplements are allowed to be sold and which are not.

On the other hand, some health specialized stores manually check and approve the brands and items they sell, and may have certain requirements for the manufacturers and brands they choose to carry.

3. It Hurts Smaller Businesses

Despite the convenience and other advantages they offer, I have never personally been a fan of mega-corporation retailers, and for good reasons!

While superstores like Amazon and Walmart may be more favorable to consumers, they act like a market black hole swallowing and destroying smaller businesses around them. They never stop seeking to become bigger and bigger at the expense of smaller retail stores, many of which are eventually muscled out of business.

Not only do other companies suffer from the growing dominance of mega-corps, even their own suppliers and employees may be pressured to succumb to whatever unfavorable rules and conditions they set.

I don’t really have anything personal against Amazon. In fact, I am one of their customers. I have purchased many things from Amazon, including supplements, and I will continue to shop there!

What I’m saying though is don’t buy EVERYTHING from Amazon and consider supporting other smaller retailers out there!

I’m trying myself to become a more conscious and responsible buyer by not only thinking about my needs, but also how my choosing of where I spend my money can affect others.

Again, I’m not arguing you should avoid shopping at Amazon altogether, but maybe for certain products, such as dietary supplements, you are likely better off sticking with specialty stores.

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